Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Poster parade

Poster parade
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The conference began the day after our trip to the Aquarium. Days were hectic as I darted between talks, the exhibit hall, and defense of my research posters. In addition, there were so many people, people from my Colorado family, to hug and greet. Nights Grandma and I spent carousing about with friends and colleagues. Everyone was delighted to see Mickey and thrilled to hear in person of Mom's spectacular progress. It was quite humbling to find out the number of people who were 100% current on Mom through the blog. Even after all these months, so many of you remain 'plugged in.' [I suspect it is this steadfast caring that has been so instrumental, even from a distance, in Mom's miraculous recovery.]

The week passed uneventfully yet full of fun events. Grandma and I returned on Saturday. There was, of course, another harrowing and humorous layover in O'Hare, whittled down from almost two hours to about twenty minutes by weather delays before we left Baltimore. This time we rode in a cart with a number of other people from concourse to concourse. The driver's skill in avoiding running down pedestrians even while driving backwards continues to awe and amaze. Then at the last, where the cart could go no farther, we were met by a wheelchair.

Surprise! It was the same lady we almost killed on our previous layover. Showing true pluck, she did not suddenly remember a pressing engagement but greeted us with delight and began the mad dash to the gate. As on the way out, the plane to Nashville was located as far as absolutely possible from the gate, almost two city blocks of walking outside. While they waited for the elevator, I darted down the stairs and waited next to the plane so I could use my body to prevent the flight attendant from closing the door. Another close call but we did successfully board. The flight was uneventful, our luggage arrived intact and unmussed (they had searched everything on the way out, breaking a hanger and rumpling my hanging clothes). Dinner with Mom and Rol then collapsed in bed.


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