Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Recovery continues-what a miracle!

Dearest friends and family,

It is a thrill and joy to write you from the vantage point of one who is improving, getting healthier and stronger each day. As you know, it has been a long, rough ride for everyone! What a blessing to have reached the point where the future includes going back to work and the chance to catch up with so many wonderful people! It will be slow and take time, but I am trying and slowly succeeding at learning to be a bit more patient! Now that the surgeries are OVER, I feel my strength returning more almost every day!

As you know, at the time of the accident, so much happened that I wasn’t able to be aware of things for a good while, and then for a while I enjoyed the cards and flowers and gifts, but much of it slipped easily from memory – as if those days didn’t even exist. The first things I really remember were experiences at Stallworth – and that was not until about March 10 or so! What an encouragement and joy to wake up and see my hospital room decorated from top to bottom in stuffed toys, posters, cards and flowers! It meant so much to all of us to feel your support! Fortunately, I have no memory of the accident, LA, the flight back here, the trauma center at Vanderbilt or the early days at Stallworth. Trips to doctors and procedures used to terrify me unreasonably, but are much better now! I have learned to trust that recovery IS going to happen, and that the terrifying surprises like waking up to find myself all broken and in imminent medical danger are over, hopefully for a long, long time.

Since the accident on February 3, my family, who have been through so much, have saved and treasured all the cards, toys and gifts received, hoping that one day I’d be well enough to really enjoy them. Now I am stronger and have had more and more opportunities to read and treasure all the cards and kindnesses sent. What an outpouring of love and encouragement – your kindnesses continue to bless me every day. They gave such joy when received, but continue to bless us all each and every day. And the contributions to the medical fund have been so kind and so generous and so appreciated! Although the fabulous support of the VU worker's compensation group has covered the [easily greater than $500,000 in] direct medical costs, it is your kindness and generosity that has cushioned the burden of indirect expenses and made it possible for my daughter to stay and nurse me to health. What a miracle you have all been!I wish there was a way to write or call each and every one of you, thank you again and let you know how much life your prayers, thoughts and kindness supported us, encouraged us and really seemed to give life. I'm afraid my efforts, except for this wonderful blog, cannot adequately reach you all, and I would hate to not contact each and every one of you. Please forgive me if my efforts to express my appreciation have come up short. Please know that every card, phone call or gift WAS AND CONTINUES TO BE truly appreciated and helpful! Thanks to all of you, I now treasure every day and every moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Continuing on the road back to service, I remain, Pam


Blogger Sarah-Elizabeth said...

Team Schneller---
So glad to hear that things still continue to do better. Just returning from California I kept up with reading the blog whenever a new post popped up and it helped me through the trying time I faced out there. So glad to see the progress and I wish continued progess and success. Good Luck to All!!!!!

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