Wednesday, May 11, 2005

She's got the stick!

She's got the stick!
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As is readily apparent from this photo, Mom has undergone a transformation in the last few days.

Perhaps it is partially a result of knowing the worst is truly behind her, perhaps it relates to a powerful discovery in therapy on Monday, perhaps not.

Whatever the cause, the effect has been an unleashing of the candid and playful spirit we all know as Pam.

This photo was taken in the doctor's office. Actually during Mom's visit with the medical neurologist Dr. Duncan. For the first time since this saga began, Mom truly joined Jeanene and me for an appointment. She visited and laughed and waited without anxiety or tears. When the doctor joined us, Mom remained engaged, leaning forward on the walker to share her challenges and successes.

I cannot, repeat cannot, share how amazing it was to see my Mom large and in charge.

As anticipated, Dr. Duncan didn't have much to offer us. He said he found himself forced to j'oin the crowd' of people saying Mom is a miracle of prayer and modern science. He saw nothing to change, add or subtract and looks forward to clearing her for a driving evaluation in 6 weeks, sooner if Mom feels her eyes and ankle are up to it!

We decided this called for a celebration...


Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi guys,
Large and in Charge!! That's what we want to hear. Pam you look fantastic. Jacqui, Sorry you were so sick I think I nagged you on our last post so I won't nag again-- Not this time. Take care everybody.
Love and hugs
Dave and Nancy

4:16 PM  

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