Friday, May 27, 2005

Yes, I really am a techno babe...

Well kids,

Mom is doing great! We had our visit with Dr. Kregor Monday; he was very pleased with Mom's progress and has authorized her to proceed to graduated weightbearing over the next 4-6 weeks. She is anticipated to transition to a cane in about 4 weeks as well. This week Mom has started reviewing music for next year's programs and has begun the process of return to work in earnest.

As for me, the time has come to head north. The boards are all day Sunday and Monday so I fly out today to Baltimore. That will leave Saturday to settle in and fit in some last minute studying. Grandma has graciously agreed to accompany me on this journey as she did last year. Her contributions as mobile peanut gallery and traveling companion will be invaluable as ever. Once the work is over, we look forward to enjoying the adventure- I will attend convention talks throughout the day and Grandma will join me in the evening for food and festivities. Last year was a hoot as Grandma charmed colleagues and strangers without exception. In fact, when word leaked out in the fall that Grandma was battling emphysema, the first thing out of everyone's mouths was 'But she'll be well in time for ACVIM, won't she?' As this year we will be in Baltimore, home to the best crab cakes EVER, we anticipate the gaiety will be unriveled.

As postings have become necessarily less frequent while studying, I took the opportunity during a study break to provide you all a petite soup├žon. The blog is now RSS enabled. For those less tech-savvy, what this means is that, depending on your internet browser, the site can now self-monitor to alert you to new postings. I find this works best when the site is in the 'favorites' bar at the top of the browser. For advanced details on taking advantage of RSS technology, please direct your questions to the nearest five-year-old. After (s)he is finished fixing the browser, perhaps (s)he will set the clock on your VCR for once and for all...

From your pal, stressed but reassured because I know you will all keep an eye on Rol and Mom while I'm gone-



Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Jacqui! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod boards so soon! Hope your flight was uneventful and you are settling in just fine. We KNOW you will do well on these tests you have a wonderful computer for a brain, just let the knowledge we all know is in there flow. You will be in our thoughts and we're sending lots of good feelings your way. So glad Pam is doing so well, I bet she loves getting back to work. Tell Grandma we said Hi!
Love from us all,
Dave and Nancy

4:31 PM  
Blogger Angie Antkowiak said...

Best of luck on your boards, I know you'll ace them, and have a few crab cakes for me!! I have enjoyed every minute of your adventures, and am grateful for all your detailed updates regarding Pam. It is oh so bittersweet...fewer and fewer posts from our poetic friend, but what joy to know that the regular posts are not really needed as your Mom continues to make progress! Its absolutely amazing to me that we've come so far in such a very short time (I know it doesn't seem like that, but to think that Pam is ALREADY working again is just truly astounding!)

I am really looking forward to working with Pam and the VCC next Fall and I hope that you'll come to visit us again some day! We never got to do Margaritas!! :-)

Love to you all and keep in touch,

8:14 AM  

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