Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bill hard at work

Bill hard at work
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As should be plainly apparent, Bill is loading 12 $75 for finally steaming with 'Bay seasoning' here in the basement.

The basement was very clean although not so much for the ambience. Bill was incredibly nice, showing me the steamers, the bucket of seasoning, and explaining things.

The story with the pricing is that crabs are listed by price per dozen. Bigger crabs are a bigger price per se. The main benefit of getting bigger crabs is that one does not starve to death while trying to extract the meat. In addition, there is a big difference between male and female crabs, as the males are meatier. At LP Steamers, they only carry the males, otherwise known as jimmies.

The bay seasoning mix is another big piece of the experience. Generally, it is a mix of salt and spices like mace, coriander, occasionally cumin, turmeric and so on. Like true Indian curry powders, there is not one, but are many, with each serious family or restaurant having its own secret little angle or touch.

As you can tell from his beaming smile, Bill was quite taken with me.


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