Saturday, May 07, 2005

Catch up

After the filter removal Monday, Mom was exhausted and I had picked up a cold. Mom did go to Stallworth the next day and started her rehab on her ankle. Afterwards I picked her up and we made our way quickly home to collapse on the couch. Later in the day Mickey came over to play Yatzee and help pass the time. We made an early evening of it in prepration for our early morning.

Wednesday we were up and dressed by about 5am as Mom was due at check-in at 6. We packed up everything into the cars and trundled over to campus, arriving at the check-in desk at 6 on the dot. There was very little waiting before we were taken back to Mom's room where she changed and we met with about 15 medical personnel. I lost track after the third anesthesiologist, four nurse and second ENT doctor. Dr. Labadie popped in and chatted with us last before heading off to prep for surgery. Our primary nurse, Mary, was wonderful and elected to call in her charge nurse Eileen to place Mom's catheter as her veins are pretty trashed. Eileen took her time, unlike Mom's nurse from Monday, and dropped the catheter in without incident on the first try, also unlike Monday.

At 7:25 one of the anesthesiologists gave Mom a premed and at 7:30 on the dot she was rolled out. Roland and I went out for a coffee and some food before returning to wait. Dr. Labadie came in at 11:45 to let us know Mom was out of surgery and recovering.


Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi Gang,
Sounds like you guys had a heck of a week. Glad it's over and only one more week of shots. Sorry you have a cold Jacqui, rest, drink plenty of fluids nag, nag, nag you know the rest. Everybody feel better! Lots of love
Dave and Nancy

3:54 PM  

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