Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Two for Tuesday

Hanging out, with my kitties, waiting for the plumber. Yes, I could just figure out how to fix the faucet, but I already fixed the icemaker and the guest room. I'm trying to pace myself.

Yesterday was a long day. A long long day. Not that we got home late. It was just a taxing morning.

First appointment of the day was with Dr. Labadie, the ear specialist. (As you will recall, Dr. Russell didn't do ears or windows, only sinuses.) The appointment was added on at 8 am, and we waited for an opportunity to be sneaked in between cases. The resident we saw first was quite nice and Mom enjoyed a little visit with Anton as well. Dr. Labadie and the residents reviewed the CT findings and felt there was definitely room for repair but they were somewhat concerned about throwing off Mom's balance given her intermittent dizziness and vertigo. So we have tentatively scheduled surgery for May 5th, contingent upon the results of balance testing set for tomorrow. Once those tests are in, Dre. Labadie will review them and discuss the procedure with us. In the interim, he provided Mom with an expensive little gizmo that converts sound into vibrations that then are received by the brain via bone conduction without involving the hearing apparatus in the ear. This definitely normalizes sound quite a bit but requires good contact with the skull and so causes headache with prolonged wearing from the pressure of the headband and gizmo.

This bundle of good news took 2 1/2 hours and then we hurtled pell-mell through the hallways and over bridges to Mom's next appointment in MCE, making a mere 30 seconds late. Ha! Ari Luyendyk has nothing on me.

Happily, Dr. Dendy's office is spectacularly organized and we had little wait before seeing the doctor. We rvdid have a bit of a stressful scare trying to get Mom on the exam table (will heed my better judgment and refuse next time) but overall survived unscathed. Dr. Dendy was a total delight and is enrolling Mom in the coumadin clinic to facilitate management of her anticoagulation. These are pharmacists that solely manage coumadin and are a treat to talk to as well. I thought about asking if they would consider taking on animal cases as I hate regulating coumadin but am waiting until I know them a little better.

Then off for lunch- we went to the Tin Angel, Mom's favorite. Again we were humbled by the kindness of strangers as the valet waited till we were inside before parking the care, the hostess helped us to the mathroom so we wouldn't overlook the slippy spots and the waiter summoned the valet when we were about ready so that Mom didn't have to do any waiting. Lunch itself was spectacular and we look forward to returning there in the near future.

Then back to Stallworth for a couple hours therapy. A hard sell for Mom given our exhaustion but lightened by the arrival of a spectacular flower arrangement from the VUCC. Perfect timing as Mom has been seriously questioning whether they will want her back given how well their last concert went. Finally home home home to crash in exhaustion.

Joined by Grandma for chatting and a delicious meal courtesy of our fabulous neighbors. I honestly don't know how we would get through if we also had to fend for ourselves in the kitchen. We would certainly never make progress putting meat back on Mom, who weighed in at 102lb with cast yesterday! Just in case we don't say it enough, the food has been a true Godsend. Another thing for which we are profoundly grateful.

I will try to get a picture of Mom with the hearing thing to put up. [For the backpackers, it kind of looks like she is wearing a Petzl headlamp with the bulbs behind her left ear.] Off to do more chores.

With love,

jackie chris


Blogger Miriam Borosund said...


Never fear the VUCC doesn't want you back! We have missed you dreadfully these past few months, and cannot wait until you're back in tiptop shape. Although Brian is a good conductor, he does not emulate the spirit of choir the way you do. I miss references to “soccer” during meaning-of-life pep talks, suggestions of “squeezing your butt” to hit particularly high notes, and even “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”. Even though I realize that the most important thing for you right now is to recuperate, I must admit that deep down I have the selfish wish that you are back with us. We are all looking forward to that “frabjous” day when you return.

On a side note, you will be happy—and perhaps a little saddened—to hear that I have made plans for the next two years of my life. Next fall I’ll be attending Dartmouth College for a masters program in geology and thus unable to make the commute to the MRH on Tues-Thurs (the traffic, you understand). Regardless, I’ll sleep better at night when I know that the VUCC is back in your capable (and caffeinated) hands.

Choir love always,


3:32 PM  

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