Friday, April 01, 2005

Mud pink
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The combination of the violets and the muddy pinkness of the night merge into a surreal backdrop against which I see my life.

Suddenly it seems too strange a world to be my world. I find myself wondering if this is in fact a nightmare of epic lengths, if perhaps I will wake to find my life as it was before. If this is so, will I remember all the good lessons, still know all the amazing people and feats they can accomplish? If not, which is worse-waking from the dream or not?

A twinge shoots up my leg from the shard of broken glass skulking in my toe-disrupting my thoughts and warding off the secret sorrow of what might have [not] been.

I suspect we all have moments like these. Moments we feel but rarely record. Today, somehow, between the clay-colored night and the lawn of fine English ladies, it seemed a moment worth noting.

Please pardon my musings.



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