Friday, April 01, 2005


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It is easy, when one has been gone a decade and change, to forget how lovely Tennessee is in the spring. The blooming trees and flowers provide a riotous visual feast.

But it is the violets that have always stolen my heart and breath- that special combination of understatement, beauty and pluck instills a quiet wonder in the beholder.


Blogger Jan said...

Dear Pam, Jacqui, Roland,
Surely this returning spring is a harbinger for your own newness. You must feel so free without the collar...hooray for that. When I look back at the calendar and realize what you have accomplished since February, I am amazed and grateful for your medical care, your supportive familiy and friends, and most of all your pluck, determination, and radiance.
What a gal! Love, Jan (N)

10:42 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

We should all be so lucky to ponder these things and then to REMEMBER these moments. They are too fleeting and yet they are the most important moments in our lives. Now... as for important moments- I received a package this morning from a Pam Schneller!! What an amazing suprise- a beautiful blue blouse that I have proudly worn all day long. I will send you a photo on your e-mail later in the week- to show off my glorious present. I forgot how fun it is to receive a gift in the mail- especially a suprise present! It truly made my day. Your comments are also timely, as I have spent most of this week reminding myself of my luck in life, and reminding myself to focus on all the positive moments of the day and night before being tethered down by all of the overwhelming negativity that can surround us. So here is to violets and NY Times crossword puzzles, shorn poodles and yummy breakfast rolls, mystery kisses from strangers and masterful lattes, telling someone their loved one is healthy and safe, knowing our loved ones are healthy and safe, knowing that we have that much more to learn tomorrow. I love you guys. -Nicole

10:52 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I forgot to say... I would be proud to be an adopted daughter of the Schneller clan, but I don't think that I could EVER live up to my younger sister (AKA Jacqui)- hell I could never live up to the siblings of my own childhood, and I was an only child!! Better to be an outside friend that can appreciate all the wonder of your family and not have to worry about letting you guys down :) I don't think that you guys understand the tenacity and the inspiration that you have demonstrated time and time again to students, clients, family, is more of a wonder than the most fragile of blossoms in the midst of the night.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Jacqui said...

Perhaps I should clarify that it was Nicole sharing kisses with mystery men, not me...

I've been here over a month and haven't a stray encounter to report. Nicole comes to town and stays 2 days- we are witness to aberrant performance art, topical political commentary by homeless men, and kisses rain like pennies from heaven on her head.


4:29 PM  

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