Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Audrey and Katherine

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Although it is tempting to quiz you guys on what is different in this photo, I won't!

Monday was a huge and arduous day as Mom, Nicole and I went first to her orthopedics appointment (7am) and then to her trauma appointment (9:15am).

As all of you should realize by now, we love Dr. Kregor. He is a wonderful and compassionate doctor and human. But that doesn't mean that appointments are always a cakewalk.

First off, Mom no longer remembered Dr. Kregor from the surgery and so was nervous about him. Secondly, Mom is scared of doctor appointments by nature so she didn't get much sleep. Thirdly, it is hard to be relaxed when you have to get in by 7am. BUT realistically, most of the challenge is simply in having someone futz with an ouchy body part.

Jeanene met us as usual- she is so kind to continue to accompany us on these tedious visits! Then we were taken back by a nurse who remembered Mom from before and was suitably impressed by her improvement. Another nurse, Pleas Sturtevant, met us to remove Mom's splint. He had previously applied one on the 28th of February and was also thrilled with Mom's progress. I really like Pleas-he has consistently been gentle and patient and kind, even when we were obviously the only thing keeping him from going home.

We then gathered everything back up and toodled down the hall to get follow-up X-rays of the ankle. More waiting, Mom's favorite. The X-rays went without a hitch, thanks to a sweet technician named Cassandra ('Why my mother named me that I don't know as they have ALWAYS called me Casey.') Mom really took to her.

More waiting for the films to develop and then back to wait for Dr. Kregor. Jeanene offered to rub some lotion into Mom's foot while we waited, a service for which Mom was very grateful.

Eventually Dr. Kregor joined us and reported his satisfaction with the X-rays and Mom's incisions. Pleas then removed the stitches, probably about 45 of them and no fun, and placed a cast on the ankle. This part was especially unfun as they increased the flexion of Mom's ankle to prevent Achilles contracture, causing Mom some discomfort/pain. She remained brave, even while crying, which is the true heartwrencher for me. Pleas offered Mom a choice of colors and, no surprise, Mom picked pink.

By this time, we were late for the second appointment though they were fairly unconcerned when I called up to warn them. The trauma nurse, Shelley Atkinson, was able to see Mom very soon after we checked in and was a veritable Godsend. Charming and funny, she gently teased both Mom and me about sundry items.

In the best of news, Shelley gave us the all clear to throw away the collar. For that alone any of us could have kissed her. She took time to answer all of our questions and made a little extra time to just sit and chat.

We loaded up the car from the hospital about 11am and headed home. Mom and I were completely fagged and mainly sat around staring into space. Poor Nicole didn't get much interaction from either of us after that!

As you can see and probably appreciate as never before, given her hair is currently not impeding the view, Mom has a neck either of the Hepburns would envy!


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