Monday, April 04, 2005

Doctor down, doctor down!

This morning yielded a new milestone as Mom eliminated a doctor from the active doctor list. This is the first time that one doctor has not been replaced by another. Instead, at our appointment with Dr. Tulipan, the neurosurgeon who replaced doctors Davidson, Farin and the mystery faculty surgeon (all from L.A.), Mom was informed that she was no longer interesting from a neurosurgical point of view. Okay, really he said that Mom's hematomas had healed although her brain remained a little deflated on one side on CT. Given her [reasonably] boring CT and continued improvement, there was nothing he could find to cut and he could foresee no reason that would change.

Granted, this is all completely expected and what I said he would say, but it is the sort of thing that one, eg. Mom, isn't going to believe until it happens. Afterwards, we went for a late breakfast as I have revived a family policy from my youth that every doctor's visit is followed by food. Currently Mom is working hard in day therapy, leaving me a spot of time for exercise, car refueling, and blogging before picking her up. Having challenged my heart not to crawl out my mouth while I struggled at the gym, I now can virtuously enjoy a vanilla soda and a chat with you, my friends.

May you frolic in the heartening spring rays and tomorrow bring a similarly positive update. Cheers-



Blogger pauline said...

just wanted to let you know that read your postes everyday, and that you are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I can also say that and speak for Cathy, Paula and Sarah. I would really appreciate it if you could let me have your home address so that I can send a little something.

I don't know if Pam remembers Sherry Hardison, she worked at blair for about 9 years, but has been left I think 8 or 9, maybe longer. Anyway, I work with her at weight watchers, and she sends her best wishes.

It was so good to see Pam without collar and with pink cast. Paula's favorite color is pink (infact her nick name is pink), so pink tends to be a predominant color in area of the house that Paula touches!

I think I told you at the beginning of your ordeal (which I am sure was totally lost to all of the hurdles that you had to face at the time) that Paula is spending a semester in Australia, at the University of South Wales. Not sure how hard she is working, but having a ball anyway! She just returned from a 10 day easter break with friends visiting the great barrier reef, spending several days on a sail boat, and camping/travelling over rough terrain - oh to be young.

well, once again, love and hugs. Get strong, hang in there. We all love you. Pauline (McIntyre)

2:25 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

WOW! The poster is fantastic, almost as fantastic as Pam herself!

One doctor down...a few to go. We know that your progress can't move fast enough for you and the Team, but we are all so grateful for each daily bit of news, especially when the news is good. Hang tough, Pam. But let out the frustrations, too. You cannot do it all today...leave a little for tomorrow. We love you!! Jan (N)

10:21 AM  
Blogger Lanena Moore said...

Pam, I just wanted you to know that tonight before VCC rehearsal, I was talking with several other ladies about your fantastic progress. We are all so amazed at how well you are doing and making such wonderful progress. We all agreed that we miss your fantastic smile, lively personality, as well as your superb conductor skills. David is wonderful and he is doing an outstanding job, but we miss you. You are working so hard to get well, we want to work hard for you in our singing. Love you, Lanena

11:45 PM  

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