Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nicole in Wonderland

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After a very humorous night out (post coming soon), Nicole and I enjoyed heading out on Easter to the Opryland Hotel and Opry Mills.

In spite of my efforts to prepare Nicole for the strange and wonderful place that the Opryland Hotel is, Nicole simply wasn't ready. For those outside the Nashville area, I humbly submit the following photos to share a little of the splendor.

The Opryland Hotel is a magnificient structure, striking in its beauty with echoing cavernous halls and muted Old Money refinement. The hotel has been expanded three times, each bringing with it another astounding addition to the conservatory running through the hotel.

At this juncture, the conservatory contains ~6 individual restaurants, as well as a small Riverwalk city. The city is located in the Delta and is surrounded by a 'moat' containing fish and ducks. Boats waft lazily along the Delta, as you will see, and guides narrate the trip.


Blogger Nicole said...

Hey guys, Look who made it home. A tad less stressful without smuggling cats through security :)
I got home in time to pay bills, pack and sleep five hours before heading off to work. I am already missing you guys. I hope I was clear in the inspiration that you both give me. You are lucky to have one another and your own wonderful selves. Has anyone passed on my gratitude for those amazing sweet rolls your neighbors made? I am drooling as I write, especially as I am about to heat up a TV dinner for my night's meal. How did your first day at rehab go? Did you explain that a woman who can finish a NY Times crossward puzzle in 30 minutes does not need to learn how to make brownies? Were they appropraitely impressed with all of your amazing abilities? Pam did you establish a wonderful assertive role right up front? :) Are you reading my signs? Love you guys, Nicole

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