Thursday, March 10, 2005

Willie would be proud

After reflecting on her previous demise, Mom and I spent the morning packing and chatting. She was very anxious to 'get the hell out of Dodge' and back to Stallworth. She kept looking at her wrist, finally commenting, 'I used to have a watch.' Having finally caught on, I told her the time and when we were expecting to hear something, also reassuring her that her watch would be back any moment but had to be removed for surgery.

There was a momentary panic phase in the middle of the morning where Kelly and I were given the impression that Mom might not get to go to Stallworth because of some recommendations for limited use of the ankle for another day or so. It was a very very bad thing to contemplate, especially when hormonal. Happily, several people were 'activated' that helped pull everything together (special thanks to Jeanene, Michelle and Kelly).

About 2pm, we found ourselves once more loading Mom up on the gurney and me with the bags waiting for an elevator. We wheeled into the elevator and Mom tilted her head to look at me. 'It is kinda sad, I suppose, that I feel sort of like I am going home, isn't it?'

Hell no! This is our last stop on the road [again] to home. Now there is just hanging at Stallworth till Mom is ready for home. And, true to form, the nurses at Stallworth were awesome getting her settled back in. They did a superspeed room strip and change so they could move Mom into a better room. Super special kudos to Katie for easing our anxiety with the move.
Hopefully I will get a chance to upload some pictures of her room in all its glory for you a little later in the day.

Love as always,



Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Thanks for the update, we were trying not to worry too very much. Glad to hear everybody is well and you are back to Stallworth and one step closer to home. Thinking of you all.
Dave and Nancy

2:51 PM  

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