Saturday, March 05, 2005


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Truly out. Mom and I snuck off to the Sportsman for lunch. We split a cheeseburger, fries and onion rings. It was traumatic for Mom at first but great overall. Today was another of those weird days of depressed progress and general disinterest in seeing people.

Mom did enjoy a nice visit with Deborah Shiflett (Mom's spelling on her list- I apologize if it is incorrect) with a chocolate bunny and a microscopic purse. It was good for Mom to have a visit and know that, as promised, it was someone she asked for. Thanks to Deborah and thanks to everyone else who has not beaten down Mom's door. She is easily overwhelmed and very hard on herself but is coming back more and more.

Tomorrow is slated as The Day. The day the damned thing hopefully comes off Mom's leg (that is how she sees it). She isn't necessarily so keen on the rest of it (the ankle reconstruction, anesthesia etc) but figures losing the bars and, I quote, 'the shiny skewers impaling my bones' will be worth it. Boy, I hope she's right and I hope its tomorrow.

Well, the time has come for me to cruise back over for Mom's dinner. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and I will post as soon as I can tomorrow so you all know what's happening.

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Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi guys! What a great picture of Pam, she looks like she really had a good time. We're right there with you in spirit tommorrow for the surgery. All will go well and everybody will be a lot happier that you are that much closer to recovery.
Love to you all
Dave and Nancy

4:00 PM  
Blogger charlotte said...

aww, that is a great picture!! i'm so glad she finally got to go out into the world and experience life again after being couped up for so long. keep up the great progress!!!
<3 charlotte

9:44 PM  

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