Thursday, March 10, 2005

On being dead

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Yesterday was a very interesting day. The dysphoria had basically worn off and Mom was back to her normal, high-energy self. We took some time first thing in the morning to read more cards before getting ready for a new day.

Mom had just read a lovely card from one of the members of the ACDA. The ACDA had already sent these unbelievably lovely flowers-glitter gilded roses and cyclamen. With her usual wry humor, she commented,'They must feel really bad, killing me and all. I wasn't even on their board.'

That is how Mom refers to the post-accident period when she speaks of it directly- 'when I was dead' or 'they must have really been expecting me to kick it.' I have pointed out that, in fact, she was only actually mostly dead all day. That we shouldn't rush her. But she isn't quite ready to believe it.

I would probably feel the same way.


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