Saturday, March 05, 2005

Not sure

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Yesterday Mom and I went over the wall, or out the front door- potato, potahto. She was not quite sure this was my finest of ideas but did not panic about seeing traffic and being outside. I considered that a big step. In addition, she is doing a better job remembering small day to day things although she is still convinced everyday that it is the 5th of some month in some year in the late nineties. Today will be nice because it actually is the 5th...


Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi Jacqui and crew,
Glad to see the weather has improved enough to get out in the sunshine a little. Hope you got the pkg we sent. One of the cards we sent to LA came back today we'll try to resend. Pam looks much better. Hope you are feeling better every day Pam, know those head injuries can be tricky, but hang in there it will all come back.
Hugs to all
Dave and Nancy

11:26 AM  

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