Saturday, March 05, 2005

Good idea?

Good idea?
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As you can see, Mom is not too sure this is a good plan. First, she tried to convince me that she had done enough work for one day and so should get the rest of the day off. When I reminded her that she was only halfway through, she then wanted to get back in to get started on getting it over with as quickly as possible. It took a lot of work to convince her that she was simply going to have to wait until it was time for her next therapy session to get going. At that point, she settled in for a mini-nap in the sun.

Today should be nice as she has only two sessions instead of six. Rest is an important part of healing and hopefully the weekend will do its trick in refreshing her reserves.

Tomorrow is still a crap shoot- we won't know until we are there whether or not she will be having surgery. Please feel free to join us on our mental pins and needles as we wait and see.

Enjoying a bracing latte and 'Death by Chocolate' cake for breakfast. But it is really time I head over to Stallworth. I will try to write again later tonight-



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