Saturday, July 09, 2005

My hearing is normal!

Having ear surgery to replace two trashed little bones in my ear has been one of the scarier parts of this adventure. As a musician, hearing is key to my ability to work and be of use in my field. Losing hearing in my left ear put my future as a choral conductor in real jeopardy.

After two months, it was time for a hearing test and follow-up with the doctor. Boy, was I scared! Success! My hearing is actually just as good as before and maybe a tad better. I've lost a bit of very high frequencies in the left ear, but nothing we would use in music.

I confess there is still a problem with my eustachian tube - my ear feels full and I sound really funny to myself. This drives me nuts! I hope we can "fix" this, but at least it doesn't affect my ability to do my job!

It is great to be walking with - or without - a cane. I can do so much more than before - hooray! I try to remember all the good things and ignore the rest...good practice for learning to be a better person. When one has been so injured, one spends so much time constantly monitoring and evaluating every physical sensation. It's necessary at the time, but let's face it, too much time thinking about oneself is not a good way to spend the day. Enough is enough! Time to move on!

Thanks for listening!


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