Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jacqui Passed Her Specialist Exam

Becoming a specialist - in this case a veterinary internal medicine diplomate - is an arduous and daunting task that takes years of effort and study plus the monster 2 day final exam. Leaving your work to care for a very ill mom who lives far away from your work is a herculean task!

An amazing daughter, JACQUI did it! She has now PASSED the enormous 2 day test and completed her residency in internal medicine at Colorado State University. After the end of this week, all that will remain for her in study is the last 2 years of research and writing to complete her PhD too. It will keep her BUSY, but will probably seem like a holiday compared to all she' d done in the past.

I am SO PROUD of her and SALUTE her marvelous accomplishment. She was quite worried about this exam and had so little time to prepare, but once again, she accomplished a virtual miracle! YAY Jacqui!

We can all be happy that many dogs and cats will be able to recover and prosper due to all the great work of Dr. Jacqui Whittemore! Hooray and Hallelujah! --pam


Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi Pam, So glad to hear Jacqui passed her exam. We knew she was worried about it. But Yeah! One more day tommorrow and she will be on her way to a more normal schedule and hopefully more time for some fun! She deserves it! We knew we were soooo lucky to get Dr. Jacqui to care for our Sara, I believe nobody else would have been as SMART to figure out what was wrong and to keep her going as long as she did. We are forever grateful for her "big brain". So glad you are doing so well -- keep up the good work at your end too! Thanks for the encouragement to exercise -- sometimes too much work makes us lazy about other things. But your encouragement has brought new focus for us.
Dave and Nancy

3:19 PM  
Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hi Pam and Roland, Just checking to see if any new blogging. We are going to see Jacqui tommorrow and we are so excited. She is coming to our house and we will go play in RMNat park. We heard about your doing some "Jogging"!!! Holy Cow! We couldn't believe it. You are truly a miracle! Every little victory must be savored!
Hugs to all
Nancy and Dave

1:57 PM  

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