Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Syringe dose

Syringe dose
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Just in case you were wondering what I meant by large volume, the plunger extends to my first joint.

Not that 0.6mL is a huge volume. Keeping in mind that there are 15 mL in a tablespoon, basically 5 in a teaspoon, it is a small volume. When you throw into the mix the spring-loaded action resisting the plunger, it is quite a distance to bridge.

The process is a bit like caulking a delicate window pane while simultaneously loading the caulk gun. The key is to inject without apology and then pull out without allowing any pressure release on the plunger, lest you suck bits of the patient up into the needle. Then, still keeping your eye on the needle, you straighten away from the belly of the Mom in front of you and apply further plunger pressure to engage the firing mechanism that shoots a protective casing down around the needle with disconcerting force. This part is vaguely reminiscent of skeet shooting- 'Pull!

You get the picture.


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