Sunday, May 01, 2005

Impatient impatiens

Eighty percent success rate on the shots- unfortunately about twenty percent of the time I hit either a fascial plane or an area without any fat. Then it really hurts. For both of us.

Otherwise, the week has gone pretty well. Wednesday and Thursday Mom had therapy then we had the weekend with lots of lazing about. Sunday was what Mom would call a 'Red Letter day.' after a joyful morning of crosswords and coffee, Mom and Rol went shopping for flowa's and groceries. They had a delightful time planting impatiens in mixed colors in the back. Afterwards, Rol helped Mom with a shower- how cool is that! No injury, no drama, just normal. How fab.

Today was one of the 'Days from hell.' Seven and a half hours of 'fun.' (Steinie knows what I mean.) Let me just say that the coil was succecssfully removed and leave it at that for now.

From the hinterlands of science-



Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hey Jacqui, Pam and Roland,
Sorry the shots are proving so painful. I guess when you have to hit fat it's pretty hard on the slim Pam. But hang tough.
We are envious of the planting of impatiens. Our Daffodils just ready to bloom were covered with 1 ft of snow last week. They are just starting to peak out again.
Sounds like yesterday might have been an ordeal, hope you guys can take today to recoup. As always love and hugs to all.
Dave and Nancy

9:45 AM  
Blogger steinie said...

"Fun!"... say no more. Only wish I could have been there to take care of you. Weight lifting without you remains boring and uninternational. New meds have me nauseous for about 6 hours every day. It's a wicked good time. Glad you liked the package of irreverence. Keep your chin up and hug your mom and Rol for me. Love you.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Angie Antkowiak said...

Greetings to the Schneller Team!
Glad to hear that despite the target-shooting and coils unspringing things are still making progress. The trials in our lives make the simple things, like planting impatiens, all the more beautiful and fulfilling, don't they? We had a marvelous practice at VCC last night, and we are making great progress...even on the Debussy! We are all gearing up fot the last big concert of the year and we continue to sing our hearts out for Pam. Please know that although things are slowly progressing towards normal for you, we have not forgotten your struggles, the constant hard and sometimes difficult work you must make, the tears you must sometimes cry...we all continue to surround you with our quiet thoughts of love and healing. We love you all so much and think about you daily!

Love to you,

8:56 AM  

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