Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Big shot
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I am happy to report that Mom and I have successfully survived our first shot. The volume was large but the technique was worse, as challenging things go.

By the way, the story about the shots is that Mom is now receiving low moecular weight heparin shots so that the coumadin can be discontinued. But why start the shots if the coumadin was working?

Well, Mom needs to remain on medications to prevent thrombotic events until 5/16 (the 3 month anniversary of the DVT diagnosis). Coumadin works excellently to prevent blood clots from forming. It is cheap ($4), inexpensive (even including all the blood tests that run about $90 a visit), a pill, and very effective. It is not, however, rapidly reversible and is non-specific.

Mom needs to have surgery on her ear. This involves cutting things, which involves bleeding. As you can imagine, being on a non-specific blood thinner is considered suboptimal when one is about to have surgery.

Low molecular weight heparin, on the other hand, is quite specific and rapidly reversible. As such, it can be discontinued 12 hours prior to surgery and uptoward effects can be avoided. Blood testing is for the most part unnecessary and the risk of catastrophic bleeding is very low.

Now you wonder why coumadin, and not heparin, is most commonly used.

Well, low molecular weight heparin cannot be taken orally and remain effective. In addition, it is incredibly expensive (about $100 a day).

So Mom had to choose to between having the surgery after 5/16 or taking the shots for a week prior to and a week after the surgery. For a huge variety of reasons, Mom picked the shots. So a'shooting we will go...


Blogger Jan said...

Dear Pam and Jacqui: Because I am taking Pam's seemingly rapid recovery for granted, I have missed a couple of days on the blog. Good grief, Charlie Brown! How did the two of you look so normal at Tuesday's rehearsal? Just thinking about the injection makes me faint...whether giving it or getting it. Thank you, Jacqui for giving us all of the info that keeps us reminded that your Mom is nearly super-human. We know each day brings new challenges just when you thought you had rounded a corner and could take a deep breath.

Bless you for the long, well-deserved comments about Kelly. She is a wonder to us all. (Are you reading this, Kelly?) I fear we singers have come to expect that she will pop up at the right moment with the solution to everything, including World Peace.

Regarding the rehearsal: Jerry Williams, a very dear, wonderful conductor of mine in high school used to look at us quizzically after a rocky rehearsal and say, "Well, your technique was bad, but your tone was lousy." We really were not at our nervous, new space, and just a teeny bit off the mark.
After the break, we were really so much better on the "Tois Chansons." Pam, thank you for making the arduous journey through your recovery and for coming home to us. We also have som work of our own to do, and we will get it done and make you proud.
Love....Jan (N)

9:37 AM  
Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

Hey Gang,
Wow! Glad it's only 2 weeks! We never imagined anything like that - hang in there you two. Give littel Glenn a kiss from us. Hugs to you all
Dave and Nancy

4:14 PM  

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