Friday, April 08, 2005

Birthday joy

Home we went to rest on Thursday. Mom was greeted by a festival of birthday cards in the mailbox and a delightful present. Being a particularly lucky girl, I was also the recipient of a special gift. I will post pictures of them post-haste.

After a roller coaster ride of an afternoon as we thought Mom's surgery might be drastically pushed up to this Friday and then was not, we settled it for a little rest.

Today has passed smoothly for the most part- as birthdays should- with a morning massage for Mom and a surprise luncheon with the Christies and Grandma. Now we are home and after enjoying opening more of your thoughtful cards, Mom is taking a well-earned rest. As you are now caught up on current events, I intend to follow suit! Tomorrow I will try to sign in and inform you of our plans for next week.

With love-



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