Thursday, March 24, 2005

Girl and dog

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Once vanquishing the deck. Mom worked her way through the house to her normal spot on the couch.

Two simultaneous fears, fear of Glenn and fear of Glenn not remembering her, were extinguished. Glenn proved to be as harmless as ever, unlikely to tangle in the legs of the walker for fear of getting stepped on. In addition, if he had been any closer, he would've been behind her (as the great Groucho Marx once said). Once planted at Mom's side, Glenn would not leave her for anything. It was an excellent reminder of the great love of animals and their healing powers.

The day has been very taxing as I skipped from chore to chore, and Roland also had a full plate. Our loads were certainly lightened by invaluable assistance and pluck from the Christies. (No surprise there!) The neighbors have been just fabulous as well- there to help but understanding of Mom's need for quiet and limited stimulation. Their love and care for Roland and myself since we returned to Nashville and again now for us all is another wonderful blessing.

Hopefully, we can now take a little breather and just rest a bit. Doctor appointments and therapy start soon enough, and we have all been taxed by the anticipation and planning required for the move.

More tomorrow from 'base camp' to you all-



Blogger Dave & Nancy Estes Park said...

What a little cutie Glenn is! We're sure he's extra excited to have his mom home. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Bet it feels pretty good. Sleep in the next few days, relax and enjoy each other.
Hugs to all
Dave and Nancy

8:01 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Congratulations! I know you are thrilled and scared to be home. But, soon all the worries will subside and everything will become familiar again. It will help so much to have your things and Glenn to help you to continue to heal! I am so proud of you all! What a cutie Pam is and such a gorgeous smile! Have a Happy Easter weekend. Lots of hugs!!
Love to all!
Cindi Gallagher

11:03 AM  

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