Thursday, March 17, 2005

One Hot Mama

One Hot Mama
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Undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world. More so because she doesn't believe it.

Today was a fairly good and exciting day.

Today Mom continued to make great strides with her therapy and learned how to go up one step with her walker. It looks like she will have this mastered before she leaves so we won't have to build her a ramp to get into the house.

In addition, Mom had her first meeting today with a psychologist who specializes in traumatic head injury. Mom liked him and felt that speaking with him was helpful. Not because he had anything profound or insightful to to share, but because he reinforced everything we were saying. He also pointed out what great strides she has made, how well she continues to do, and what a great support network she has. She is scheduled to meet with him again next week. As he also works with the outpatient clinic, he can continue to meet with Mom once she is released.

Speaking of which, there are rumblings that suggest Mom may be ready to go sooner than originally anticipated. No date to share yet as we have all learned anything can change at any moment, but we are encouraged by Mom's many successes and look forward to getting her home a little bit sooner. Once I have something more concrete on this, I will let you know. But I suspect it may be a bit like the Beatles reunion- often forecast before coming to fruition.

Well, as you can imagine, I am quite fatigued by this flurry of update, but there had been no time before to catch you all up between Mom's doctor visits and Team Shellener illness!

With love and returning stamina-

jackie chris


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