Monday, March 21, 2005

Fido fun

Fido fun
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Yesterday was a very very big day. For me at least.

As Sunday is the international fun day, we had done some planning and decided on 'Movie Day'- I brought the movie (The Incredibles), Roland arranged the chairs, and Kelly and Bill brought the popcorn. It is a quite charming flick but fully feature length! We watched a bit over half of it before deciding to take a break.

After stretching our legs, Mom had back to back therapy sessions. Sundry errands later, I returned for a great chat with Mom. She ended up getting antsy around 3:30 and wasn't worn out by laps around the nurses station using the walker. We discussed the matter and Mom decided a trip outside would be good 'if I don't start freaking out.'

As I could think of no reason she should freak out, we geared up and headed out. We initially we planning on a little suntime in the pseudo-park at the corner of 21st and Blakemore. But the weather was nice and the traffic light so we decided to head to Provence for coffee and potentially a little nibble. This required, for readers outside the Nashville area, crossing the street.

It was terrifying in concept but quite smooth in execution. There were several very, very nice and helpful students hanging out outside that rearranged the furniture and held doors for us. Lunch was delightful. We had soup and coffee and creme brulee. Hurray for brulee!

After, I was going to head across to Fido to pick up a latte and Mom volunteered to go with. This required crossing another street!

Mom and I were both secretly scared of the street crossings but pushed through. Mom's observation was that she didn't think it likely there were any evil vans lurking about Hillsboro Village on Sunday.

As you may all imagine, we were pretty whipped from negotiating traffic so settled into a cutthroat game of Yatzee on our return. Mom whupped me and then Roland once he returned from errands.

All in all, the day was a rousing success.

love- j


Blogger Catherine said...

Hi Pam,

I was sitting at Jackson's Sunday afternoon and caught a glimpse of you and Jacqui heading to Fido's. I figured that venturing through Hillsboro Village was probably enough for you to take in for the day so thought it best not to disturb your outing. I do want you to know, however, how wonderful it was to see you out and about!

Take best care,
Catherine Gick (VCC member)

1:05 PM  

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