Sunday, March 20, 2005

There is a hole in my net...

Sorry about the delay but difficulty finding a connection the last couple days. Fido's has been down and I try not to go online at night in case Mom calls.

Mom is doing well. She is currently balancing the desire to get 'more normal' against the exhausting and somewhat frightening effect of visitors. Therapy is going houses afire though and we are talking more about feelings and fears. There are a number of them, as everyone can imagine, especially now that Mom's brain is getting less fuzzy and the prospect of going home looms. Still, it is all forward progress.

Last night, as Mom was agitated and at loose ends, I stayed late late and we played Scrabble and watched Moonstruck. It was wonderful to be able to do things together. Keeping her going a little later at night is also a key factor in helping her sleep more solidly through the night.

I really have little to share right now. More quiet and contemplative mood but some of that may be the effect of a lovely book I am finishing (Father Joe by Tony Hendra). Mom is hoping to write a post soon for you all so keep tuned in.




Blogger mickeyo said...

i used up all of my fabulous words on a blog that apparently did not work. Going home sounds wonderful-
it won't be so difficult for me to see you-however you will beat me there.
love you and miss you=

2:34 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Hi Pam and all,

I am keeping close tabs on you as Jacqui is so conscientous about keeping us all informed of the progress down there. I think about you everyday and am so proud to have a friend with so much grit!

Keep up the good work!

Love Marianne

4:41 PM  

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