Friday, March 11, 2005

Alert, alert! The bat light has been activated...

Calling all DVDs, calling all DVDs-

Mom has put out a request for lighthearted and silly DVDs to play through the night. She is a bit underwhelmed by the selection on the television and often wakes in the night to be assaulted by the Michael Jackson trial. A fate worse than death in some ways.

I have looked at the TV and can input an auxillary feed. I am going to be hooking up a DVD player to the television so the nurses can keep Mom in pleasant white noise. We are requesting that anyone with silly DVDs bring them in ASAC (as soon as convenient) and leave them in Mom's mailbox at Blair or with Kelly. Make sure to label clearly with your information via labeling on the case so that you get them back. Also, post a comment if possible so I know where to pick them up.

Thanks in advance for your help with this not so trivial problem.

With great love from Team Shellener,

Jackie Chris


Blogger VUCCHolly said...

Sunday evening when I return back to Vandy from Spring Break I will drop Love Actually and any other DVDs my roomates may let me grab in Pam's mailbax at Blair. I don't currently know where her box is, but I'm sure I can find it.

Also... Please update Pam that the Concert Choir beautifully and successfully completed this year's tour to St. Louis and Chicago this week. We missed her dearly, BUT she WAS there with us the whole time everywhere we went. We printed and taped the picture you posted of her and Roland at Christmas to a Coffee Mug, and carried it with us taking pictures of Pam at the MRH before we left singing the Alma Mater, Pam at different sites in Chicago, Pam at our concerts at the churches and schools, Pam in St. Louis. I have one or two of these pictures that I will upload and send Sunday evening, but other memebers have more. We are going to be compiling pictures of tour and sending them out to the list serve, but I will forward them to you so Pam can see them as well.

Jacqui, my love, prayers, and support are with you. You are such an amazing and strong person, and I am so glad that Pam is lucky enough to have you as a daughter. I miss my Pam, my Vandy mom-figure so much, but I know you will have her back to us stronger than ever. Take care and much love!

~ Holly Wright

8:30 AM  

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