Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Idea, continued
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'cause if you do
The world and you
Will think I'm crazy and give me medicine
They'll drag me away
And as I go you'll hear me say
I could have been a decent match for edison

Ideas are few and far between
And good ideas are rarer still
So listen and be wise
Just forget the other guys
'cause my idea's no good for three
My idea is you and me

Song lyrics courtesy of Harry Connick Jr.


Blogger Joey said...

I have to say that of all the things you've posted that should have been bringing tears to my eyes, this one is the one that finally did it. There is such tremendous love in your family. That has been evident in your writing, and I don't even know you guys. The proof is in the way Pam and Roland are looking at each other. If that's not love ...

Thank you for allowing friends and strangers alike to have a glimpse into your story. While I know this must be a terribly trying time, it is clear to me that you can get through anything, and it has been more than heartwarming to watch you all come together to get through this all for your mom. I keep thinking ... what if it was my mom ... Stay strong and keep loving.

Great lyrics, by the way. There's nothing like Harry. :)

8:42 AM  

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