Monday, February 14, 2005


As you can see by my previous post, Mom is definitely feeling better now that she has had the tracheostomy. She remained pretty tired all day, just floating in to visit then drifting off again. But she has gotten very good at saying what she wants- even though most of the time we can't understand her. She is so agitated to share things with us that she talks too fast for us to lip read. I asked her to slow down several times, but she isn't so compliant with that. Then I reminded her to E-NUN-SEE-ATE and she grinned rather wryly. Not that it made a difference...

Water is Mom's new favorite thing. Well, okay, water has always been big for Mom (recall the sodium depletion incident when she had pneumonia). But she has been asking for it and seems very thirsty. I have explained she can't have water until they perform an imaging studyu to mmake sure she is swallowing normally, but she seems to forget that occasionally. We have been able to swab her mouth with a wet sponge on a stick, which I will refer to as a hospital lolly from now on, that she tries to chew. Last night she said she wanted water and I said I would get her a little on her lolly. Mom shook her head no and said she wanted A LOT of water. I reminded her that was a 'no go' for now and she made quite a face at me. Brat!

Getting to see Mom's glorious smile and get kissed back were yesterday's special gifts. Medically there was little change otherwise. They are going to try and repair Mom's ankle soon- today actually- but that is catch as catch can. She is on deck for ankle reconstruction this morning but chances are 50-50 they will postpone till Thursday for a more critical case. This makes today a waiting game so we will see what we have to report as we go.

Yesterday's nurse, Christine, was a total superstar. She was engaging and on top of Mom's case. She volunteered information that she had received and was very supportive of us. It turns out Christine had helped take care of Mom on the 3rd when she came it. She was VERY impressed with Mom's progress and actually said Mom's response was a miracle, due in no small part to all your prayers.

Well, it is time to call the hospital again soon so I must wrap this up-



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