Monday, February 14, 2005

Pam Schneller Medical Fund

Hello everyone,

This is Kelly, part of Team Shellener with an important announcement about how we can all help Pam and her family.  Given the severity of Pam's injuries, we can anticipate that the medical care and other related expenses for her full recovery will be substantial. To make it easy for friends to help, Vanderbilt Community Chorus member Debora Shiflett has made the arrangements to set up a fund for the Schnellers through Bank of America. If you would like to donate, write a check to the Pam Schneller Medical Fund and mail to: Bank of America, Pam Schneller Medical Fund, 2121 Blakemore Ave, Nashville, TN 37212. You can also donate by going to any Bank of America location nationwide.  If you have any questions about the fund or about donating, please call Bank of America at (615) 291-2891. Thank you your support in this tangeable way and for all for your cards, balloons, gifts and letters. Today Pam received dozens of cards, gifts and packages which necessited a mail trolley to deliver the items to the 9th floor! It was grand and raised everyone's spirits! Pictures to follow.

With love,


Blogger charlotte said...

What do you (and your mom) think about our choir (BCC) doing a benefit concert for her and donating all the money to her fund?

9:40 PM  
Blogger Jacqui said...

You will need to check with Kelly but I think she is slow-broiling something... unfortunately, Kelly has BAD BAD BAD internet karma and even I cannot get the site to recognize her. But I am pretty sure she is in process of devising something...

In the morning I will get a detailed post out, but it does look as though this road will be a very long and arduous one for us to travel. Your continued prayers, cards, posts and clever treats have all made a terrible burden somewhat bearable. Thank you again.


12:10 AM  

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