Monday, February 07, 2005

Singing to Mom

Singing to Mom
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Here Mom is feeling better and enjoying Roland's timbre.


Blogger cynthia curtis said...

Pam and Roland and family,
You all are constantly in my thougths and prayers. THank you for sending up pictures and updates!!!!

At CHrist Cathedral last First Friday night, know that prayers were offered for you all several times.

Like Anne Gregory, I've had dreams too. I dreamed on Saturday night that Roland went on the Jay Leno show and our community choir was in the audience. Roland, you were in a military uniform, and you had brought the choir uniforms too. You told us, "I am fighting for and with Pam, and you are too." In this year that I've known her, I see that Pam may be small, but she is a fireball of energy and joy and she WILL fight her way through this trauma.

Each morning, I say, "May God's Spirit wrap Pam and Roland in God's mantle of hope and healing." That is my prayer for you.


7:14 PM  
Blogger Angie Antkowiak said...

This picture, and the other one "Roland Serenades", bring me to tears. This is the picture of True Love!

God Bless you, Roland...and keep singing to Pam, we all know the healing power of music!

Angie (VCC)

8:20 AM  

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