Monday, February 07, 2005

Saying Goodbye

It is so difficult to leave today. We have shared so much these past few days- living a lifetime in less than one week. Sharing that laughter prompted by fear and pain. Holding hands in the dark, listening to music, lighting candles on the patio, prayers, wine, conversation. But today is a good day to go in the fact that we have, again, made some small amount of progress. I can leave with the knowledge that Pam continues to progress, Rolland, Jacqui and Brian are becoming more settled in their journey. There is a chance that Pam will be able to dispense of the ventilator today- I only wish that I had been able to leave with her mouth clear of tubes. That will be a milestone. But we had many small but oh so important steps today- tracking with her eyes, breathing in rythm to the music, tears of love. I will leave Jacqui to explain the details; I think this daily journal gives comfort in the recounting of all those small things that are so very important right now. Again, I thank you all for your messages and support. It means the world to these guys to log on and read a sentence hear, a memory there, a comment on the side. My love to all of you. -Nicole


Blogger rostitchery said...

oh. my. gosh.

your post title gave me a heart attack.

i am glad pam and her family had you there with them. have a safe trip home. rowena___.

2:04 PM  

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