Friday, February 11, 2005

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You guys have really come up with a lot of good questions... I will do my best to try and answer them here. I will post Mom's visit updates separately as there is a lot of information to share as usual.

First off, the accident.

Well. Huh. That is a frustrating topic.

What we know:
Mom was hit by a van while jogging at the intersection of 7th and Figueroa. The van was a rental and may have been in process of use for some sort of law school function. The driver stopped and we have his name and some identifying information. Mom was conscious at the scene and able to move parts but may or may not have be coherent. The police are working very hard to get to the bottom of this matter and proceeding with undue haste, eg. they filed a report that we probably won't get for 12 weeks and can't tell us anything. Information can only be expedited if there is a court date, eg someone being charged with something. But we can't get the report to know whether a charge should be filed and the records expedited... Very Catch-22. Erika is very on top of this from multiple angles. We are waiting to hear from the guy who hit Mom and the rental car company- hopefully this will get us information sooner than we will receive it from the police. Hard to say.

What we surmise:
Based on the type of ankle fracture Mom had, I suspect she was hit from behind and thrown forward. The head injury would have resulted from landing on the pavement. To accomplish this, the driver probably hit her as she was crossing an intersection and he was turning. But this is just deductive reasoning based on my limited understandings of her injuries, anatomy and physics.

With regard for the team- how very rude of me not to introduce you all! The onsite cast as it currently stands includes:
Me- daughter, medical advisor and war correspondent
Roland- husband and beloved
Brian- brother and critical logistics
Erika- daughter and legal counsel
Nicole- adoptive daughter #1, triage support and peanut gallery
Jen- adoptive daughter #2 and nutritional consultant
David- pinch hit director, confidante and rock to lean on
Kelly- choir coordinator, adoptive Mom and general troublemaker
Serena- probable impending adoptive daughter #3 and well of sass
Mickey- grandmother and stalwart bastion of homeland strength
Roberto- keeper of the car and, no- I promised David I wouldn't...
Sarah- close friend from school, keeper of distractions and reminder of the full wonderful circle of life

Offsite- there are far far too many of you for me to list. You are all so very appreciated and special and instrumental in our ability to get through, get by and get along. Your emotional, logistical and spiritual support means more than any of you can possibly imagine. Keep it and the cards coming- Mom is ready to start understanding them...

with delight in the joys of you all and fully clothed, i promise-



Blogger charlotte said...

hey jacqui! maybe you didn't see my comment from a couple entries back, but I've got my friend Jessica in Palmer, Alaska praying for your mom. I met her at the choir fest at Niagara a couple summers ago!

over the past week, so many memories of your mom and mr. schneller have come back to me... i've been singing with the children's choir since i was 7 years old... and i'm about to turn 16 in a few months. here are some of them: i remember this black dress your mom used to have that she wore to concerts all the time (maybe she still has it... we don't know, but my friend Alex French who has been in the choir with me since the beginning of time and I were talking not too long ago about how the infamous black dress has gotten replaced with a sparkly navy jacket/skirt set.) all the girls loved that dress... it had this sun pattern beaded sparkly neckline.... we miss it!!! i remember when 9/11 happened a couple weeks before we had choir camp at Hillmont. the night of our talent show, kelley conde played a piano piece she wrote herself in honor of the victims, and a lot of us were really upset. afterwards, we all made red, white, & blue friendship bracelets. i was still teary-eyed and sitting by myself, and mr. schneller came over and sat down beside me and hugged me and starting talking to me. he asked me if i was okay and started comforting me. I remember when we were in Minneapolis on tour, and he got the "Big Bird" award at our tour banquet. He always watches over us girls on tour!! So for the rest of the time in Minneapolis, he and Erika were known as "Big Bird" and "Little Bird". I remember when we sang at a really huge Baptist church in New York and the sermon was somewhat controversial... a lot of girls felt offended, and mrs. schnell gathered us on the sidewalk outside afterwards and told us about how God is loving and how important faith is in her life. I remember when we sang David Childs' "Weep No More" at St. Paul's church right next to ground zero because we just happened to be there all together and the security guard begged us to sing. first she started crying, then we all started crying, then the people in the pews started crying. tons and tons of people just wandered in off the street and sat and listened and cried and expressed their emotion and pain. it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I have so many memories of Hillmont... every time I read these updates and see her lying down hooked up to all of these machines, I remember those mornings (that seemed ohhhh so early after such late nights of partying with my friends in our cabin) when mrs. schnell was so energized and she would jump around and do all of these crazy spunky warm-ups with us.... or how she and mr. schnell get up early and jog every morning when we're at camp or when we're on tour in a scenic place. one time they showed up at my hotel door one night when my friends and i were playing twister (and supposedly rather loudly)... let's just say that at the time, we were terrified, but at looking back, we think it was hilarious. I remember the funny teacher skits at Hillmont and watching her laugh until she cried... and when she and mr. schneller promenaded on the st. charles bridge at sunset in prague (and how all the girls and i ooed and awwwed at how incredibly cute and incredibly in love they were...and still are)... and of course, all of the one on one time when she's helped me work on technique and pieces for other stuff. i love the schnellers so dearly... blair has been such a huge piece of my life, and one of few things i can remember doing since i was really little... it has given me my passion... mrs. schneller's choir has given me an emotional and creative outlet for me- an environement where I can enjoy what I love the most.
Mr. Schneller, I love you!!! Hang in there, big bird!! i'm praying for you!! and Mrs. Schneller, you are so dear to me- i love you so much, and i am thinking about you and praying for you constantly.

8:50 PM  
Blogger rostitchery said...

jacqui, thank you for filling us in on some of the details. as you can imagine, there has been some confusion as to what exactly happened.

i haven't "introduced" myself to you. i am the scheduling coordinator for the blair performance and rehearsal halls, and i also do choreography and costumes at blair for the operas. my husband is the technical director for the performance halls. i have had the pleasure to work with pam several times, teaching the children's choir dance courses in the summers. rudi and i love pam and roland dearly. we love them for who they are, we love them for what they do, we love them for the spirit with which they move thru the world. they have been kind and loving to our baby, and shared the joy of their new grandchild with us not long ago--in fact, the last time i saw pam, she was showing me a picture of the baby (is this your child?).

it is nice getting to "know" you, even under such trying circumstances. please let pam and roland know that rowena, rudi, and ella love them and pray for them. we look forward to having them home again.

9:41 PM  
Blogger anne and ben said...

good morning schneller support team! have been thinking of you, though i haven't been writing for couple of days. let me know if you need some glenn help - i'd be glad to help out whoever is keeping him if need be. tell pam i have to go dress shopping today, though i don't want to go without her. tell her i'm taking cynthia and nicole from choir. that should make her feel good. aren't you so happy that we're sending bill and kelly your way? this should break up some routine and help you all cope a little bit. jacqui, i'm glad you finally had a breakdown - this was probably very good for you. tell roland that we miss him and that ben and i love him very much. take care of yourselves as much as possible. also, remind pam how glad i was to see her in prague this summer - it meant the world to me to see her there. tell her i say "dobry den" and that i love her with all my heart. y'all take care -
anne gregory

6:53 AM  

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