Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Part 2

Okay, where were we?

Mom had a great set of nurses yesterday as well (not that that is a new thing)!

Michelle was her morning nurse and her interactions with Mom were awesome. She was very good about letting Mom know what she was doing around or to her and why. She also worked out a numeric system of communication (1 finger for yes, 2 for no) to allow Mom to tell her if she was in pain. She said Mom did great with it. Michelle also cleaned Mom's mouth and brushed her teeth.

Art and Rolando were Mom's afternoon nurses. They don't REALLY look anything alike but I still confuse them- too many people. They did a good job making all the changes Dr. Brown ordered and being gentle and sweet with her. Art also let us take off all the junk on Mom's left arm before he had to put a catheter back in that side and remove the restraint so we could moisturize the arm and massage it out. I could tell Mom seemed to feel better after. And we continue to gently massage her right leg and do PROM to keep the swelling down.

Some of you may know that Friday was my birthday. Well, 'someone' knew that Mom would've wanted me to have a big celebreation (she did send me a noise maker and tiara for the big day) and ordered a cake from Mom for me. It is a stunning chocolate ganache with mums on it and arrived on Sunday (maybe Monday- the days all run together). We are saving it for the extubation. Just as I have saved all my presents to open with Mom when she is ready.

We are very hopeful that today she might be extubated and look forward to sharing the cake with her CCU staff. But it is important for everyone to remember that this is one of those things that is kind of 'trial and error'. Even if they do extubate her, it may be that she has to go back on the vent for another day or so if it is too tiring for her. So we are trying to temper our hope with patience. As should all of you.

In other news, we have moved to a different hotel that is cheaper and a little closer. It is the Best Western Dragon Gate (in Chinatown) and today is the Chinese New Year. Last night there were many firecrackers and we are a little excited to see what tonight has to offer. For lunch yesterday we ate at a place called Hop Louie (we love this place) and my fortune I took as a good omen: "Good things come to those who wait. Be patient."

This hotel we like because it is slightly shabby and quirky and feel like home, like a base camp. The hotel art is paintings of waterfalls wending through bonsais and fog. The main draw, of course, for this place is the herb shop downstairs though the rickshaw and ancient weapons are also big crowdpleasers.

Roland, David and Brian have all broken with tiny colds. They appear to be of the 18-24 hour variety thankfully but I have included a pleasing picture of Roland in his mask to protect Mom from his cooties.

I had hoped to be able to tell you all of our antics with the door to Mom's unit, of David's clever jokes and winning humor, of so many other things but they will have to wait till later. I don't want to be late for what will hopefully be a big day for Mom. In very exciting news though, I will share that Roland successfully made it through security yesterday without a wanding. This led to great celebration and a big high 5 with the woman in charge of the wand...

With love and hope, jacqui

PS. Keep the comments coming. All of us check the site as eagerly as you for succor in this time of trial.


Blogger Michael Velting said...

All best wishes to Pam for a speedy recovery. She and Roland have many friends here in the AGO and the Nashville musical community who are keeping her (them) in their thoughts and prayers. We are glad to see the encouraging news on this blogsite.

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