Saturday, February 12, 2005

Morning thoughts

I am taking the liberty of posting part of an email sent to me by a dear friend. I think it is relevant to us all right now:

"Some of my greatest revelations from the Lord comes to me when I'm taking a shower :)))) and yesterday as I was praying for you (I pray anywhere, anytime!) I feel like I'm supposed to tell you not to be afraid. You're very brave on the outside but God knows the feelings you have on the inside and He just wants to give you His peace, His love and His joy. He also wants you to know that you aren't alone - He's been there all along, even your whole life when things felt like they were unravelling - He was there for you. And, He loves you."

With love and hope for what today will bring-



Blogger Marianne said...

Jacqui, Roland and Brian,
Just a note to make sure that you got the phone message from Steve. He is extending a trip to Arizona to stop by and check on all of you. He will arrive sometime on Sunday and stay through a part of Monday. If you did not get his message and want further info, give me a call. I am excited over the progress that Pam is making. Tell her I love her and will arrange to see you all in the near future. Call if you need anything.

Love Marianne

8:55 AM  
Blogger jonathan sawyer said...

Dear Pam and family,
I graduated Vandy in May '04, and I am now in Germany on a Fulbright scholarship. I sang under Pam's direction in VUCC for my last three years at Vandy and in her chamber choir for my senior year. Over the years, Pam became one of my closest adult friends and mentors-- she was always there to greet me with a smile, a pat on the back, and a "how ya doin' Jon!" Your mom made Vandy what is was for me, a place where I finally felt comfortable. My freshman year, I sang with Blair choirs-- they are wonderful, too. VUCC, however, has a different spirit-- a sense of family, a sense of magic that your mom-- Pam-- most certainly inspires. I came into choir as a sophomore-- scared, somewhat alone, and your mom was one of the most welcoming, warm people whom I met in my years at Vandy. Our first rehearsal was on 9/11/01. Your mom brought this bunch of scared, shocked, saddened young men and women together, and had them sing-- had them share their hearts, their voices-- together, as a group, we sang out, we cried out, we were there for each other-- even in our foreignness to one another. That first day will always remain in my mind as a sign of your mom's strength, passion, and resolve. Pam gathered her strenght on such a tragic day and extended her arms and her comfort to eighty strangers-- we became her 2001-2002 choir. As I said, over the years, Pam was always there for me-- my grandpa passed away during the winter of my soph year, and your mom worte me a letter that comforted me in my time of grief. It was small things like that and your mom's b-day emails that made her special to me. I continued to sing with the VUCC, and I also served on board with your mom and the other officers. Your mom also encouraged me to sing solos and sing out loudly in her choir. She also convinced me to sing in Chamber my senior year-- one of the best decisions I ever made. Through all of these avenues, I came to know your mom as such a dear friend and supporter. She wrote me a lovely recommendation for my Fulbright and for teaching positions which I am now pursuing. When I received the Fulbright, your mom was one of my biggest fans-- she told the whole choir and embrassed me:) I also worked with her Blair women's choir and helped prepare them for their trip to Germany (learning some German) this past summer. Your mom and I email periodically, and I greatly enjoyed reading of the choir's successes abroad-- sounds like a wonderful trip. When I think of Vanderbilt, I can say with all honesty that a handful of people come to mind. Some dear peers (mostly from VUCC!), some German professors, and your MOM. Pam is a dear friend, someone who gave me strength, encouragement, confidence, and friendship during my years at Vandy, and I hope that I too can give these gifts to you all and to Pam in this time of need. I have faith that Pam's great strength-- that which she so bravely mustered on 9/11-- will pull her through this major challenge. Her resolve is strong and steadfast-- she will not be held back. I see her smiling face, her hot cup of coffee, and I hear her kind voice-- always asking me how I am doing. These are the wonderful thoughts-- rambling and disordered-- that I have of my friend, Pam Schneller. God Bless her and you all. I think of you daily. Please share my thoguths with Pam when she is ready. My family-- in Kentucky-- is also praying for Pam, for they always attended our concerts and always spoke with Pam afterwards. Praying from Germany. Sincerely,

Jonathan Sawyer

12:15 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I'm currently reading a book about angels. There must be scores of them watching over Pam right now.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Jacqui said...

I agree. And many of them have figured out how to post comments as well! :)

8:31 AM  

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