Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fido- a girl's best friend

Fido- a girl's best friend
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This morning I sat at Fido, contemplating the posts (your and mine) and other news I have to share. Instead of knuckling down to blogging, I found myself just grateful for this place where I am safe to enjoy the good days, suffer through the bad days, and eat lots of chocolate cake.

'Chocolate cake where?'
'Chocolate cake behind you.'


Blogger Beth Smith said...

Having had some experience with the neuro ICU and Stallworth, it all sounds so very good and encouraging to hear about Pam's progress. I know there are back steps with the strides forward which can be discouraging. I know how tired you must be to always be "on" to give her encouragement and not show your own concern and fears...but believe me, this sounds so very very good and definately moving in the RIGHT direction!!!

7:52 PM  
Blogger charlotte said...

hey jacqui!
tonight was BCC's second rehearsal at the symphony for "carmina burana", and it's tomorrow night!! we did well, and we (all the girls) were impressed that maestro schermerhorn was so gentle with us this time... last time we worked with him, it didn't go very smoothly... i'm sure your mom would laugh about it now, but then, it was TRAUMA!!! and mr. schneller would agree!!! but luckily, we are being treated very well, and i just wanted your mom to know that we were talking about her amongst ourselves tonight and that we miss her SO much!! please let her know that we love her and will be thinking about her tomorrow night and saturday night when we're up on stage!!

9:28 PM  
Blogger anne and ben said...

hope that you are doing well. again, i work for the same company as fido and get discounts - let me know if you need anything there. glad (and shocked) to see pam standing. i'm sure it was amazing for you. she never stops inspiring me, does she? tell her i love her dearly. y'all take care,
anne gregory

2:45 AM  

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