Thursday, February 24, 2005


So in love am I
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One of the little advantages of the [obscenely] early rounds at the trauma center was sitting with Mom while the sun rose. With the door shut, it was a quiet island of our own. Even the shadows of the helicopter blades as the injured were rushed in became soothing in this quiet space together.

Just a little present to you to share this moment of mine.


Blogger anne and ben said...

what a lovely, serene image. thanks for sharing that with us. how's she doing today? i think of her all the time. i listened to the cd of our concert from december - she talks on there and it is so nice to hear her voice. i miss her tremendously. today, tell her i love her and miss her. hope everyone is well. let me know if you need food.
anne gregory

1:02 PM  

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