Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The old new room

Otherwise known as 'Girl interrupted':


As you will see in the following series of pictures, the new room is much more welcoming. In addition, we have had good luck so far in getting to keep the same nurse a couple days. Our current nurse is Julie and she is quite delightful. She has also been very welcoming of our self-empowered attitude.

Mom has been pretty tired so far today. After my post yesterday, she was awake for almost 4 hours straight. She also was trialed with the trach valve but failed. The speech therapists are expected back today or tomorrow to try again. Between the busy social schedule and all the work, I think it tuckered her out. Not that this is surprising. As we all know, Mom generally has a setback on the day following a good day. The good days overall are continue to get so much better and the bad days aren't that awful right now.

In the photos below, the people below are some of Mom's OTs (occupational therapists)- they are working with Mom to get her moving again and get a feel for any physical neurologic deficits she may have.


I got interrupted here and actually cannot finish the post tonight but wnated you to have this much. I will finish the update in the morning.

With love-



Blogger Beth Smith said...

I just got back from LA myself last night, in time for the Boys' Choir concert with the Boston Camerata. I want to report that the news, when I got to the USC Med Center ICU, that "Pam is gone" was only momentary heart stopping as the nurse immediately told me she had left for Nashville 30 minutes before. I was disappointed to miss you but immensely happy for you that Pam has progressed to the point where transportation HOME was a successful venture!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!

5:10 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

I just found out yesterday (2/24) about Pam's accident. I heard it from Ed Thompkins. My wife Ginny, Ed, and I were all classmates at Scarritt together. We have been keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

I spent many pleasant moments with Pam, Brian, and Jaqui during our time at Scarritt. Pam and I were also both runners, and we ran together quite a bit. I became very inactive for fourteen years, but returned to it Aug. of '03 and just completed my first marathon on 2/19. Her completion of the Chicago Marathon was something she spoke of frequently and helped inspire me to eventually 'go for it'.

I know Pam has what it takes to pull through this. That determination, combined with the love of her family and friends can work miracles. May God's abiding presence be a source of comfort and strength.

Peace and Blessings,

Tim Moe

8:39 AM  

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