Friday, February 11, 2005

Oops- Broken Door

Oops- Broken Door
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Thank God for Brian- otherwise we would be screwed.


Blogger Lanena Moore said...

I finally found a way to write you on here. I know very little about computers. Everyday I find that I know even less. I sent a card today, but I didn't know the room number, so I sent it attention Pam Schneller CCU. I hope you get it. In case you don't know me,I'm Lanena Moore & I sing in VCC and have been since it started. I love Pam very much and I pray that she will recover soon. We also have our son & his church in Louisiana praying for Pam. If you didn't already have it, add Louisiana to your list. I really do want to thank you for this wonderful site. Everyday I can go to the computer and check on Pam. It makes me feel better to see how she has improved everyday. Keep up the good work. Please tell Pam that I love her and I am praying for a quick and complete recovery.
Love to all,
Lanena Moore

5:11 PM  

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