Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Barista in paradise-

Mocha love
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just in case you were wondering what a well crafted mocha should look like. Thank you Fido!!!


Blogger Ann said...

I am so glad that I finally found your blog! Jane Kirchner told me you had set it up, but after hours of googling "Pam Schneller" in all its variations and not finding any news, I gave up. The Blair Quarter Note ( the School magazine) arrived in my mail box today and prompted me to do the google thing again which led me to a church's website which led me to a blog by some girl that's read this blog and just thinks it is interesting. Whew!

Thank you for fully answering the question "how is Pam Schneller?" You are a wonderful, funny writer. I wish you could meet a woman named Bernie Sheehan (sp?) while you're in Nashville. Your writing reminds me so much of her. (Let me qualify this by saying that I haven't lived in Nashville for nearly 8 years - so I don't know if Bernie is still around or not - come to think of it, I think she moved to Oxford, MS...)

My name is Ann Miller. I was Ann Simpson when I was the Director of Development at Blair. Roland will remember me. When Dean Wait told me about your mom - I knew this would be a devastation for the Blair "family". Even though I have been gone so long (and was clueless about a lot of things when I was there...)Pam is often on my mind. My prayer has been that God would be glorified in bringing her back to health (I see from your writing that He is doing this!) and that He would spare and protect Pam's brilliance - her brilliant smile, her brilliant gift for bringing music out of human beings, her brilliance at administration and helping. I will continue to pray for His blessings on all of you.

Please tell Roland that I love him and I am praying for him. If anyone has the gentle courage to persevere through this - he does.

Thank you again for the opportunity to read and respond to you and your sweet family.

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