Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spicy pirate Jack- Arr.

Spicy pirate
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It has taken close to 3 decades, but I finally have my revenge on my mother for my eyepatch. I had amblyopia as a child and was forced to suffer a patch (too young to really enjoy the possibilities).

As Mom has been having difficulty convincing her eyes to get along, she has been awarded a patch to facilitate reading and social interaction until such time that she is well enough for a visit with the neuro-ophthalmologists. This is a bit of a hard core testing procedure and reported to be quite taxing. One of this week's fun tasks will be patch decoration. Woo hoo- I'm bringin' the glitter!

[The title is a nod to one of my favorite TV ads-for those who were wondering.]


Blogger steinie said...

I recommend sequins. See scene in Happy Texas where Wayne is trying make the costumes for inspiration.
Glad you got the treats.

11:07 AM  

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