Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Hell, I don't know...

Today was a BIG BIG day. Good news. [Some bad news but that's nothing new.]

I think, for now, I will let the pictures do the talking...

with love,



Blogger anne and ben said...

i am so happy to see those pictures. you don't know what they just did to my soul - well, you probably do. last night was fine - david is working with us and being patient. i'm always sad to go and not have pam there. i just realized that 60% of getting my butt off the couch on tuesday nights was getting to see pam. the rest was getting to SING with pam. i didn't know i was so dependent on her smiles and love. but, i am so please tell her i miss her. tell her my conversion is coming up soon. i meet with my rabbi tomorrow.
also, let me add on to my last post (as per ben's request): pam did not only describe ben to me as "THE really good tenor", rather there were several other qualifiers in there - it was something like, the really good tenor who sits here in the choir and has black hair, blah blah. the sole describing of ben was not "THE really good tenor". yes, ben is a fine tenor, as are ALL the tenors in our choir (please don't beat ben up in the parking lot). thank you for the space to express myself on this matter.
jacqui - take care of yourself. brian, take care of yourself and roland - you look great in the pictures and your love for pam is inspiring to ben and me as we start our lives together. thanks for the lessons you teach us by the way you live. love to you all on this night - anne

9:10 PM  
Blogger charlotte said...

the pictures are AWESOME!! also, i got the message from kelly about the concert info, etc. thanks kelly. hopefully i can meet you one of these days! :) tonight we had our rehearsal at first pres. for the "st. matthew's passion" thing. it went really well, i thought. raphael was pleased with us, and all the adults said we sounded great (and wow, so did they!!!!) we miss mrs. schnell soooo much though... it's just not the same without her. i miss her energy and her passion for life. please tell us more about this chart in the pictures!!
love to everyone (especially team S),

9:39 PM  
Blogger Kristy D. said...

I forgot to tell you that I am a native Idahoan, with my parents still living in Nampa, Idaho (unfortunately, it's not like the "Napa" that we sometimes get confused with). I just came back from our traditional 2 weeks in Idaho for Christmas last month. So, you can now "stickerize" Idaho on your map!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Jane Kirchner said...

Hello Team Schneller -- Perseverance has paid, and on my umpteenth try, over many days, I finally am able to send you a comment. Hooray! (My Mac just wasn't compatible...) Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly , and I check the blog several times a day. Jacqui, you are as amazing as your mom, and it is such a gift to feel connected to each of you through the site. It has just astounding to see the outpouring of love and affection in all the comments. Pam has touched SO many lives, as has Rol. We are hoping you will be flying some friendly skies soon back to the sunny South, and Nashville is preparing a bit of spring to welcome Pam, whenever that might be. Crocuses are blooming, along with a few daffodils and the first hint of forsythia, and the tree in the Blair atrium is bulging with buds that may soon burst open. Just a little business for Rol, if you haven't spoken with any piano faculty: your students are covered, NAMTA was fine with an extension on the auditions, and Melissa is covering any interviews needed. Everyone at Blair is pitching in to fill the 4 great big shoes of Pam and Rol! I'm watering your plant, and brought Pam's to my office to provide some extra TLC and plant pals; it wasn't happy in the dark without her. I'm keeping up with whatever Schneller business in a bright gold file folder, cause both of you are pure gold! We love you!

Jane and Frank Kirchner

11:58 AM  

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