Saturday, February 26, 2005

Comrade in arms

Jared Kurtin
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This post is dedicated to a fallen comrade in arms, someone we never met but loved just the same.
His parents became very special to us in the time we spent waiting individually and yet together for the chance to sit with our beloveds.

"My wife, Deborah, and I are so happy that you mother is alive and that you have hope.
When I went back to the hospital the day after we talked I was so sorry you weren't there.  But I am so glad that you called.  Truly.

[Here] is a little something that gives you an idea why our loss is so large." -Bert Kurtin

"The article that I wrote about Jared can be found here... This is the first time that I have gotten an assignment like this before, and I know that reporters are supposed to remain objective to the subjects they are writing about, but it has been difficult. I just hope that I have captured your son's life the way that you knew it.

It's funny, when I was trying to prepare this piece, I turned to my journalism textbook for the chapter on obituaries to get some tips, and the author described it as: "A routine story that no reporter enjoys writing." While I did not enjoy writing the article, I can say that the story was far from routine--after talking with you and his friends, I felt myself uncovering a life that was uniquely your son's.

I just wanted to let you know that before I started doing my interviews, I was looking for any information about Jared that I could find, and I happened to search for him in google. I found the following, which Jared posted on a website after the death of Jessica Pastron, a student at Columbia College.

He wrote: "I didn't know Jessie very well, to me; she was the girlfriend of my little brother's best friend. But even with such a degree of separation, it still pains me to hear this news. From what contact I did have with her, I know in my heart she was a good, kind person. My grievances go out to the family and friends of Jessie. I know that time will be the only remedy for your wounds."

I think that Jared's words say everything that need to be said and I hope that better days are to come for you." -Steven Chen

Please join us in mourning the Kurtin family's loss and keep them in your prayers. Jared's funeral is scheduled for Monday.



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