Monday, March 14, 2005


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Yesterday was my birthday!

Well, okay, February 4th was my birthday. But we obviously weren't going to have it then. As Mom had worked hard all week and had earned a break from all the 'sick' stuff, we decided to celebrate my birthday yesterday. There were presents (I have been carting them round the country until Mom was well enough to enjoy the opening), lunch out with friends, and a 'cake'. Roland picked up a spectacular fruit tart from Provence that was absolutely just the right thing.

This picture is us out at lunch. For those of you playing along from home, from left to right are Roland, Brian, Mickey, Mom, me, Kelly and Bill (far right behind the camera!). It was quite delightful.

We are hoping to celebrate Roland's birthday in a couple weeks (it was the 3rd of March). Given our family's distribution of birthdays, we figure we can do a birthday every 2-3 weeks for a couple months!


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